Monday, April 4, 2011

Frisbee Golfing

Spring is starting to feel like spring again. Goodbye heavy jackets, hello sweater weather! 
To me this signifies a time to once again venture into the forest with others. 


I really enjoy frisbee golfing, because the terrain is usually untamed. Allowing us to admire scenic "holes" and trails. So I take many pictures, and also take note of a variety of wild edibles such as: walnuts, hazelnuts,oak nuts(acorns),mulberries, raspberries, dandelions, blackberries and chives.

For the most part the forest is still waking up. 
Clovers coat the fields giving us that first glimpse of green. 

Accompanied by a cold breeze. 
This is West Park in Joliet.
 I have a variety of different parks near me, including one at The Lewis University Campus. 

On a sad note, people litter all throughout the parks, I would like to get people together in variety locations to clean these parks up and put proper trash and recycling bins around.
Frisbee golf is a great way to get out of the house, its free to do. All you gotta buy are your discs.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Get Sprung

                                                                                           is HERE 
         spend YOUR
  DAYS inside!
              LIFE IS FULL OF BEAUTY 
Enjoy all you can, while you still can. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Exploring Alternative Mediums of Expression

         I was never a fan of rap or hip hop music. From a young age, I had a passion for heavy music.
It wasn't until late 2008, that I reconnected with my inner poet. Ive always been a jack of all trades. However music was always something I didn't really play with. So it wasn't Until late 09 I even started to dabble. Progressively, I began to love it more and more. I still have so much room to grow, I try to teach myself something new everyday. I very much enjoy freestyling, and writing rhymes. :) But then again in general I just love to love life, and enjoy exploring all the simple things I can do with it. 
        Although I'm very UPSET, I'm UPSET with A LOT of SHIT! A lot of the time. So I used this song to convey how pissed off I am, in a productive way. :) BASICALLY I'm saying were crippled by what we have been taught is progressive, or eco-friendly. We continue to accept anything the wealthy are willing to offer. Like beggars and slaves. LIKE why are we using gas powered cars if were so intelligent? Why not mass produce electric cars like in 96? Why not utilize Mary Jane for its amazing benefits?(I don't even mean on the smoking end. ex: Clothing,Biodegradable Plastics, etc.) We must ask ourselves why it cost more for less chemicals in anything? Why do we market to kill "weeds" that are rich in vitamins such as b,c, potassium, iron? Do these businesses and corporation have any sense of moral responsibility to human beings? What the fuck is up with the FDA, approving bullshit?
          YEA so it troubles me, why haven't we integrated this stuff from the beginning. Which makes me think we may never, unless its absolutely necessary to invest in. I don't mean for us to invest in either! To me that's like a defining point making this clearly not only a "throw away society", but a "toxic culture" one as a whole...
       This is my second song, on my first album "Shit to Know". The song is called progress, I'm thinking about rerecording this version, I haven't mastered it yet. I still need to master my first song: "Climatic Change"


Progress - SeeApollo(Nate Dogg - Get Up Instrumental)
our concept of progress is the problem
doesn't matter who dominates!

man made conflicts
we keep stacking bricks
but we lacking wits
makes us look like pricks

but most are harmless twits
who hardly had it
to even plant it
let alone dismantle it
ignorance probably
deserves every bit

but you may ask
where I'm going with this?

land of deafmuteblind
surrounding me tight
so I vent it

puttin it out
making food for thought
listen up like you ought!

so much has been forgot
like what to eat
and how the ground feels beneath our feet

covered up all the green
to then sell like it's not free.
we laugh at this
knowing we're ignorant

then to flip it,
to Accept
these soultions that manifest less and
then downplay the dream like other dreams that will never be
must accept this mold
atleast ive been told
but its cold

it doesnt leave much room to grow and develop
even floyd said it
were just a brick in the wall
when the wall falls we too all fall
Sick culture so flawed

what we living for
slaving heavy without remedy
some say peace in mind is all you need to survive
forgeting we too need earth to
get by
instead all we do is Buy buy buy
we must rewild or die
write our own family guides
keep them close and tight
preserve your bloodline

cause clocks ticking times running out
one life, through my eyes
is all I get
you too unless you believe other shit
One life, one chance to see
what being alive means
wont time being asleep
waking life set us free

lets all hop on the same frequency 
to broadcast something of meaning
lets all hop on the same frequency
                                                        to broadcast something of meaning

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A poem called: On Connect

On Connect:
Were all Connected

We can sing it everyday,
chant it down. 
But what Ive found, 
every thought in my brains 
been spoken aloud.
We're all connected 
So even when I vent it, 
it never falls on deaf ears 
someone somewhere 
shares these same pains, 
different words 
and emotions are the same

                                                                By: Christina Apollo
                                                                       Have a good day! :) 

An Abandoned Project

A lot of people wonder where my hate stems from?
Why I am so passionately apposed to so much?
I ask them if they enjoy things/beings they love being lost or destroyed?
Of course they disliked it but they don't sense the connection:

"civilization is capitalizing on all ways of life including ours and destroying natural healthy eco systems, some 
including indigenous populations." 

So many of us are desensitized to so much. This world we live in just isn't right its encouraging a lot of fucked up shit cause we allow it to be corrupt. Shame on us!?? DO we KNOW better?

Civilization Consumes Nature
By: Christina Apollo 

This image was something I began at a friends house and it transformed itself into these brick humanoids representing establishment(Civilization) consuming the green.
I think of this as an abandoned project, because I began to slowly correct the size and the texture of the bricks. Then add graffiti. Then I was going to add more diversity to the plain grass hill. But, its more effort then it worth I think. This is sufficient for now.